Here are just a few of our testimonials from happy, satisfied customers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us phone call. We are available 24/7! You can also check us out on YELP

“My mother kept getting sick and I had no idea what the problem was. The last time I took her to the doctor he suggested I had her apartment tested for mold because he had seen similar sicknesses that had been related to mold inhalation. I called SD Mold Inspection and they sent out a technician later that day. Sure enough my mother had mold growing all inside the cabinets of her kitchen. It was disgusting! I am so happy I called this company, they were extremely professional.”

Judy D. Lakeside, CA


“I had a serious mold issue in one of my rental units and after being alerted to the problem by one of my tenants, I went online to find a mold testing company. I called a few companies but they all outsourced the inspection services. Why would I hire you to do a job if you are just going to outsource it and have me pay a premium? This company was the only one I called who said they could send out their own mold inspector. They came out and sure enough they found mold growing in the bathroom and kitchen. They were able to clean the areas quickly so I could get my tenants back in ASAP. Thanks!”

Eric H. San Diego, CA


“I have used SD Mold Inspection several times now and they have always provided top notch services at a fraction of the price of other mold inspection companies in San Diego. I have been in the real estate business for years and when I find a reliable company for this sort of thing I stick with them. I would not use any other company for my mold testing and remediation. These guys are the best.”

Jarrett K. La Jolla, CA